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[FC.] ist proud Founder & Hoster of #1 EU- Community:
Squad Europe

Server Cooperation & Rules

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Squad Europe - European Clan Cooperation Server

Welcome to the Home of the Squad Europe Project

Squad Europe is a 100% Cooperation of well known European Squad Clans.
All Decisions are made in consent with all participating Clans - Also the Approval of new Clans.

Our Goal is to provide the best possible Squad Experience, with balanced Matches in a highly Competitive Environment... Call it "Little CCFN" Server Wink

To ensure that all Players have the best possible Squad Experience on our Servers, we have a Set of Rules to follow:

Official Server Rules for European Squad Servers Hosted by Full Contact and Fiends

Full Contact Squad [FC.] can be found online via following channels:
· Discord: Full Contact Squad Community
· Homepage: https://www.fc-squad.de
· Teamspeak: ts.fc-squad.de

The following rules apply on our 2 EU Servers:

· ★★★ SQUAD EUROPE #1 MIXES MAPS ★★★ by FC-Squad.de
· ★★★ SQUAD EUROPE #2 AAS only ★★★ by FC-Squad.de

§ 1. General Terms
Racism, insults and discrimination have no place in on our hosted environments!
We, as a clan and vital part of the global squad community, are intent to foster a collaborative environment. So, adult behavior is expected!

Therefore, we won‘t tolerate any debate or discussion on topics violence-glorifying, extreme political or religious opinions, pornography and illegal content.
Moreover, any kind of adverting is strictly prohibited!

Finally, any use of cheats and/or hacks will result in a permanent ban from all servers participation of our distributed-ban-infrastructure Squadbans (https://squadban.de). [Ref. to: OWI rules for further information: http://forums.joinsquad.com/announcement...rum-rules/]

§ 2. Teamplay
1. Squad a team based tactical shooter and thus heavily reliant on communication and coordination within the teams. Therefore, a well-disposed attitude towards your teammates is essential to ensure a positive game experience for all players. So, always treat your fellow players with respect!
2. As our servers are intended for cross-european gameplay, the server language is English!
3. Flaming, griefing, trolling and basically any kind of toxic behavior won‘t be tolerated and players consequently removed!
4. As we want to ensure an enjoyable game for all players, we appeal to all clan members and especially clan leaders to counteract extensive „clan stacking“ if it endangers server balance and prevent fair game experience.
5. Squadleads are responsible and accountable for assigning comprehensive squad names (as Logistics, Tank, Infantry, Recon, etc.).
6. All players should have, but especially squadleads MUST HAVE working voice communication via in-game radio. Moreover, squadleads are accountable for ensuring overall squadleader alignment via in-game squadleader radio!

§ 3. Placement of Forward-Operating-Bases (FOB)
When placing FOB‘s, the squadleader is accountable that it‘s NOT BLOCKED by any permanent object as water, rocks or peaceable assets as vehicles or wrecks.

It MUST always be ensured, that FOB‘s can be deconstructed with shovels!

§ 4. Team-Kills
Intentional and/or multiple teamkills will lead to a permanent ban (Ref. to: https://squadban.de).

§ 5. Cheats
Any kind of intervention with the intended control and/or data flow including network stack, as e.g. injection of libraries, is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban (Ref. to: https://squadban.de)! This includes, but is not limited to:
· All kind of hacks and cheats
· Bug usage
· Any kind of asset providing an unfair advantage over other players
· Communication and/or exchange of game-relevant information
· Non-delayed and thus live-streams are not allowed on our servers. To avoid ghosting, we expect streamers to delay their streams at least 10 minutes. (An exclusion for certain special events can be requested by our Admins via Forum and/or Discord).

§ 6. Microphone / Latency / Spam
1. All Squadleads are required to have and use a Microphone. Communication to other Squadsleaders must be in English. Also he should highly recommend the availability of a microphone for all of their squad members.
2. Abnormal latency (colloquially referred to as „ping“) can negatively interfere with the game experience and thus can result in a kick for the server. In repeating occurrences this can lead to a ban as well.
3. In-game chat and voice channels MUST be neat and conclusive. Therefore, any kind of spam is strongly prohibited and will result in prosecution.
4. Any kind of advertisement or recruitment without permission is absolutely prohibited and results in a permanent ban!

§ 7. Vehicle and Asset Usage
1. Squadleads are responsible and accountable for all assets (including abandoned vehicles) they requested! Moreover, it‘s within their responsibility, that precious assets get utilized supporting the entire team.
2. Intentional or reckless waste of assets will be punished and might lead to sanctions including a permanent ban.

§ 8. Gameplay -“First-Flag-Rush”
First-Flag-Rush is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN as our primary goal is to provide all our players an enjoyable game experience, we in general do NOT perceive game „tactics“ as "First-Flag-Rush" or camping very well. This is especially true in case of unbalanced teams (see 2.4).

§ 9. Seeding-Mode
In case of player-base < 40 players (20 vs 20) following rules apply:
· Only core flag in map center will be attacked/defended.
· FOBs and HABs must be placed OUTSIDE of flag capture areas.
· Enemy FOBs and HABs must NOT be attacked/destroyed.
· Please ensure team balance at all times!

§ 10. Offences & Consequence
Team Killing
Team-Killing at Main-Base is 100% Intentional = 1 Month Ban
Team-Killing more than 5-7 times = 1 Month Ban
Various TK Events = 1-2 Weeks Ban
No Apology = Kick
Get banned a second Time for TK = Perma Ban

Of course Cheaters and Hackers will get banned and it results in getting listed in Squadban.TK Blacklist.
We constantly search for suspicious Scores & Players and record them – After checking to be sure that Players are cheating, we report them to the Devs and burn their SteamID.

Racist chat = 2 Weeks Ban
Racist Player Name = Warn you Chat and Ban you for 2 Weeks
Offensive Squad name = Warn in Text and Voice to close the Squad and make a new one or get banned 1 Week
Second Time for Racism Bullshit = Perma Ban

Idling on the Server
Of Course, we´re in the will to give you some time, cause ee all need a smoke or coffee. But after a while we will kick you. If you are active again, you can join again.

§ 11. Report Players
Our Full Contact Discord channel #report-cheater-tk is the single point of contact for reporting server rule violations as described in this set of rules. Moreover, any questions or concerns regarding existing bans and/or kicks can be addressed in this channel as well.

Final Notes:

Please keep in mind, that our entire admin team consisting of various EU based Squad Clans is passionate focusing on a competitive gaming experience and thus are compelled to ensure a strict adherence to our rules! This intention might intervene with what is commonly known as “a noob-fiendly environment” and might be perceived as too harsh for inexperienced players who are overwhelmed by the complexity of the game at first.

Active server admins can be addressed directly via in-game chat as well, but for submission of SteamID and other evidence, Discord might be required.

All participating players are encouraged to actively support our admin in their mission to ensure a fair and competitive game-play experience. Please report server rule violations to support this mission, but please keep in mind, that intentional falls allegations might backfire and result in penalties for the accuser.

In case no active admin is available on the servers themselves (either on Discord, in-game or on our Teamspeak), please ensure the availability of sufficient evidence to foster your claim (e.g. screenshots or videos of the specific incident) or identify witnesses of anyhow possible.

Additionally, we MUST HAVE the corresponding SteamID64 (https://steamid.io/lookup) of the accused.

In general, admins, moderators or players benefits can be easily identified by their prefix [FC.], [FSQ], [OMBD], [OpFor], [ToG], [FA] and [HSR].

Many thanks for your support and have fun on our servers!

Server Partners

Old Men Bring Death [OMBD]

Those Other Guys [ToG]
Mixed UK/Europe

Husaria [HSR]

Fear Academy [FA]

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